consistent and that is really not the chromatic aberration

imitation UGG style only a few. I know the United States UGG-like fashion now have CLASSIC SHORT classic short, CLASSIC TALL classic tall, UPTOWN,CARGO,ULTRA SHORT,ULTRATALL,SUNDANCE,SUNBURST TALL, and so on. Imitation versions of colors are Ecru, Maroon, black and color of this classic. VI: a try, really fit wool the wool slippery,  nike free run 5.0 running shoes not astringent feeling soon fit in really warm and heat preservation performance is good! Seventh: if it is a boot, the useful UGG genuine should be printed the words and yards featured moulded cardboard shoring that guarantee the appearance of shoes (sometimes going up code plug boots), false will not do shoe mold, but with paper. Eighth: seen from the origin, UGG is now China does not counter, so shoes are exported, the origin is made in newzealandAnd let us consider, those shoes are from New Zealand was out and

smuggled into China, the costs can be imagined, how could it be possible? With this ability, it’s not smuggled to other more profitable! Nineth: seen from the yards, listed now in China is not UGG shoes, those shoes are sold from the factory, the small break code shoes, if the yardage is complete, it is false, that is something impossible. Tenth: uppers,  nike free run 3 womens running shoes uppers of UGG very bright and clean, car line is every Inch the 9-pin, a margin is uniform, line of twisted, there will be no floating lines, break, jump PIN. Total upper feels very good, but there is no rupture, breakage. 11th: read the whole pair of shoes are fitted with double, the length is not consistent, and foot color is consistent and that is really not the chromatic aberration well, because shoes are really after the Finish, does not have a lot of chromatic aberration. 12th enrollment: see big late, really of UGG rubber big late is does

not fade of, took has color of big late in not fade of white Shang back and forth forced of wipe, also does not fade, in good of floor Shang wipe does not has traces, if is really of rubber big late, with nails forced pressure big late, immediately restore of is really of, was pressure down back not to of is fake of. If it is a foam EvaOutsole, polished edges are even and the bottom line is clear, not clear is fake! The 13th trick: shoe inventory is long, white upper shoes to your hands have not yellowed, rubber outsole is black there is no cream (is white, and is as clean as possible white) If you have fake or imitation. 14th enrollment: insoles length thickness whether suitable, see shoes cloth marked, is yards number marked, useful to four country standard marked, is above has four a national of yards number marked, and marked of United States yards number to than sneakers to

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