general store old returned to the company after new

and retail companies. Since July 2003, business sell NIKE, ADIDAS, REEBOK, CONVERSE, ASICS, the world’s leading sporting goods. 1993Years Bao Yuan company has made United States CONVERSE (converse) distributor in China. After 10 years, its agency in 2002 by CONVERSE to the Yu sheng (Kunshan) sports goods co., Ltd. Genuine converse shoes most of Kunshan in China Yu sheng, Guangzhou Yuan total distribution. 2, authentic: authentic is the most restrictive of air jordan 3 retro uk finished goods, may buy only in formal agents and channels, of course, price is the price, so it was a bit expensive. Authentic meaning “through formal channels, with the standard price of a product.” Of course some individual stores to compete with larger reduction in price will be appropriate to adapt to the market, but the price is established on the basis of a reasonable and,And not like the

fake shoes super low prices. Authenticity is genuine. Someone made up the title. 3, a product, a, Super a goods: a, b product classification of the original claims from companies such as NIKE, is a product of the factory quality inspection. Most name brand shoe company is currently does not have its own shoe factory, they rely on authentication and air jordan 1 retro uk authorization shoe factories producing shoes and testing personnel certification after passing the issuance to all sales channels. Converse mostly in Kunshan, Kunshan, occasionally too much to do, the company will give some other shoe factories in the production orders. A cargo is referred to as a product, true sense of a product is genuine before you got the store name. Super a cargo is made out of. 4, inventory: general store old returned to the company after new listing, company would give up some shoe tag cut out shoe

print “b” words, also called b, and a lower price. Although these shoes that have no tag, but should have the original box, and the quality is OK, but the company no longer provides “three guarantees” service. 5, original goods: this name is really classic, JS Online is deliberately confusing concept, when someone asked if a genuine, often shout what genuine ones or OEM a product, this is shit! A shoe factory could not produce qualified products, and certainly most of the shoe factories not only produces a brand of shoes, so genuine ones are not necessarily qualified, Shoemaker, even his fine imitation of fakes. 6, with a single cargo, cargo: in fact fakes. Like the converse company to a shoe factory orders 10,000 pairs, and then provide a model, drawings, raw materials. Manufacturers producing more than enough 1Wan Shuang may have a surplus of raw materials, they’ll take

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