quality is completely different from different manufacturers

a sample in intensified reproduction, these shoes are called with a single order. If producing enough after 10,000 pairs, part of the raw materials are gone, they pieced together a number of other fabrics, this shoe is out of stock. Whether documentary or catch a single goods are actually fakes, they are sold through informal channels. Because the converse company generally under control just enough raw materials to produce their own orders, it is unlikely that these two  air jordan 6 retro uk types of shoe production, no relationship is hard to get to. 7, fine imitation: it is full of fake shoes. Some unscrupulous manufacturers in order to reap huge profits, your so fake, I don’t say what we all know is right. Anyway, I respect the people who tell the truth, is the best and true buyers made it clear that such businesses can be a long time. Now selling online are not genuine, but there are many good

things. Equally fine imitation, also leather or PU, quality is completely different from different manufacturers, some with the first layer of the skin with the second layer of skin, can be divided into many types of PU, Nike Basketball Shoes are mostly PU, but poor PU kicked several times they are broken. Imitation of the good and authentic except for air jordan 4 retro uk some high tech place, other things are authentic no significantly different, and shoes are used to wearing, genuine at best, will Don a six-year, shoes, after all, a lot cheaper imitation, imitation of good quality and nice shoes or can’t buy.1 appearance: genuine tone should have the original box, tag, the founders, desiccant, wrapping paper. 05 new box is black, seasonings and wrapping paper printed with the word CONVERSE above, tags are printed on the

Yu sheng (Kunshan) sporting goods 04 or before the boxes are bright red or dark blue, desiccants and packaging of paper not print CONVERSE, printed on the hangtag is Guangzhou Yuan industry trading co., Ltd. 04 old style LOGO next to it is a small five-pointed star in the middle of the sole, 05 model is a six-pointed star * (like the m key on your keyboard). PRO STAR shoes the sole LOGO in the Middle next to no marks, you buy authentic PRO STAR shoes don’t make the mistake of thinking that there is no * is false, PAO STAR does not have the tag, please note the following! Tone tone refers to the CONS, the founder of the founders, ALL STAR and ONE STAR, no other series! Stock shoes because in the process of moving back and forth, checking tag, desiccants have been lost, original packaging can also be ragged or simply use a different style of box. 2, quality:

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