consistent and that is really not the chromatic aberration

imitation UGG style only a few. I know the United States UGG-like fashion now have CLASSIC SHORT classic short, CLASSIC TALL classic tall, UPTOWN,CARGO,ULTRA SHORT,ULTRATALL,SUNDANCE,SUNBURST TALL, and so on. Imitation versions of colors are Ecru, Maroon, black and color of this classic. VI: a try, really fit wool the wool slippery,  nike free run 5.0 running shoes not astringent feeling soon fit in really warm and heat preservation performance is good! Seventh: if it is a boot, the useful UGG genuine should be printed the words and yards featured moulded cardboard shoring that guarantee the appearance of shoes (sometimes going up code plug boots), false will not do shoe mold, but with paper. Eighth: seen from the origin, UGG is now China does not counter, so shoes are exported, the origin is made in newzealandAnd let us consider, those shoes are from New Zealand was out and

smuggled into China, the costs can be imagined, how could it be possible? With this ability, it’s not smuggled to other more profitable! Nineth: seen from the yards, listed now in China is not UGG shoes, those shoes are sold from the factory, the small break code shoes, if the yardage is complete, it is false, that is something impossible. Tenth: uppers,  nike free run 3 womens running shoes uppers of UGG very bright and clean, car line is every Inch the 9-pin, a margin is uniform, line of twisted, there will be no floating lines, break, jump PIN. Total upper feels very good, but there is no rupture, breakage. 11th: read the whole pair of shoes are fitted with double, the length is not consistent, and foot color is consistent and that is really not the chromatic aberration well, because shoes are really after the Finish, does not have a lot of chromatic aberration. 12th enrollment: see big late, really of UGG rubber big late is does

not fade of, took has color of big late in not fade of white Shang back and forth forced of wipe, also does not fade, in good of floor Shang wipe does not has traces, if is really of rubber big late, with nails forced pressure big late, immediately restore of is really of, was pressure down back not to of is fake of. If it is a foam EvaOutsole, polished edges are even and the bottom line is clear, not clear is fake! The 13th trick: shoe inventory is long, white upper shoes to your hands have not yellowed, rubber outsole is black there is no cream (is white, and is as clean as possible white) If you have fake or imitation. 14th enrollment: insoles length thickness whether suitable, see shoes cloth marked, is yards number marked, useful to four country standard marked, is above has four a national of yards number marked, and marked of United States yards number to than sneakers to

Internet asking how comparison cannot completely reject online

most authentic weight density, texture is the best canvas, bilateral, original rubber and fine-mesh cloth, and durable. Fake materials is significantly different, the sole genuine hard light, no flexibility, wear over time will break the end of heel pad quality is not easily deformed. 3, price:The saying goes: a price goods. Genuine price is designated a national unified price; of course some individual stores to compete with larger reduction in price will be appropriate to adapt to the market, nike flyknit lunar 2 womens but the price is established on the basis of a reasonable, and not like the fake shoes super low prices. If newer or older versions of the best-selling style is priced too low, it was fake, unless your boss is not a businessman but a philanthropist of learning from Lei feng. All in all, far not only refers to the concept of a genuine quality, including prices, sales, branding, and many other means. To buy good

shoes or people on the Internet asking how comparison cannot completely reject online shopping, after all, the world is more than good, due to the many styles of electronic commerce, easy to find, price and other factors, are also necessary for social development. Finally hope that sellers will have a, and I wish all buyers are buying good shoes. First: nike free run very important trick, it’s smell. Authenticity of pure wool, straight hair and curly-haired, look comfortable feeling good, very soft and comfortable, made from lambskin, the surface looked a bit plush feeling, sweep to one side, then, there will be a different hair feeling, and then grab the wool burned down, if you do not like the smell of burning hair, it is certainly false wool. The second measure: it is also important to a recruit, UGG shoes all the yardage mark with security lines embedded in it, use the UV light of the detector can be

taken out, if not embedded in a line like the Yuan, which is false. (This many people sell fake UGG online shop the shopkeeper did not know well) (can’t believe you ask) the third move: UGG websites on search, with its shoes, photographs, we could have a chat on www.uggaustralia.Com and see if, with a shoe introduced in detail. Part IV: from the point of view of price, good wool is very expensive, boots, a pair of wool to be used more than four feet, closed shoes will add more than 300 pieces of material, if the price is lower, and I personally think that it is impossible to come by. V: look at this store of UGG shoes are diverse, if many styles, it is impossible to fake a lot of, think like a pair of shoes costs are so high, and impossible to imitate that kind of poor-selling shoes. So, of course, is the production of best selling styles and colors, to be profitable. Thus, the shop sells

quality is completely different from different manufacturers

a sample in intensified reproduction, these shoes are called with a single order. If producing enough after 10,000 pairs, part of the raw materials are gone, they pieced together a number of other fabrics, this shoe is out of stock. Whether documentary or catch a single goods are actually fakes, they are sold through informal channels. Because the converse company generally under control just enough raw materials to produce their own orders, it is unlikely that these two  air jordan 6 retro uk types of shoe production, no relationship is hard to get to. 7, fine imitation: it is full of fake shoes. Some unscrupulous manufacturers in order to reap huge profits, your so fake, I don’t say what we all know is right. Anyway, I respect the people who tell the truth, is the best and true buyers made it clear that such businesses can be a long time. Now selling online are not genuine, but there are many good

things. Equally fine imitation, also leather or PU, quality is completely different from different manufacturers, some with the first layer of the skin with the second layer of skin, can be divided into many types of PU, Nike Basketball Shoes are mostly PU, but poor PU kicked several times they are broken. Imitation of the good and authentic except for air jordan 4 retro uk some high tech place, other things are authentic no significantly different, and shoes are used to wearing, genuine at best, will Don a six-year, shoes, after all, a lot cheaper imitation, imitation of good quality and nice shoes or can’t buy.1 appearance: genuine tone should have the original box, tag, the founders, desiccant, wrapping paper. 05 new box is black, seasonings and wrapping paper printed with the word CONVERSE above, tags are printed on the

Yu sheng (Kunshan) sporting goods 04 or before the boxes are bright red or dark blue, desiccants and packaging of paper not print CONVERSE, printed on the hangtag is Guangzhou Yuan industry trading co., Ltd. 04 old style LOGO next to it is a small five-pointed star in the middle of the sole, 05 model is a six-pointed star * (like the m key on your keyboard). PRO STAR shoes the sole LOGO in the Middle next to no marks, you buy authentic PRO STAR shoes don’t make the mistake of thinking that there is no * is false, PAO STAR does not have the tag, please note the following! Tone tone refers to the CONS, the founder of the founders, ALL STAR and ONE STAR, no other series! Stock shoes because in the process of moving back and forth, checking tag, desiccants have been lost, original packaging can also be ragged or simply use a different style of box. 2, quality:

general store old returned to the company after new

and retail companies. Since July 2003, business sell NIKE, ADIDAS, REEBOK, CONVERSE, ASICS, the world’s leading sporting goods. 1993Years Bao Yuan company has made United States CONVERSE (converse) distributor in China. After 10 years, its agency in 2002 by CONVERSE to the Yu sheng (Kunshan) sports goods co., Ltd. Genuine converse shoes most of Kunshan in China Yu sheng, Guangzhou Yuan total distribution. 2, authentic: authentic is the most restrictive of air jordan 3 retro uk finished goods, may buy only in formal agents and channels, of course, price is the price, so it was a bit expensive. Authentic meaning “through formal channels, with the standard price of a product.” Of course some individual stores to compete with larger reduction in price will be appropriate to adapt to the market, but the price is established on the basis of a reasonable and,And not like the

fake shoes super low prices. Authenticity is genuine. Someone made up the title. 3, a product, a, Super a goods: a, b product classification of the original claims from companies such as NIKE, is a product of the factory quality inspection. Most name brand shoe company is currently does not have its own shoe factory, they rely on authentication and air jordan 1 retro uk authorization shoe factories producing shoes and testing personnel certification after passing the issuance to all sales channels. Converse mostly in Kunshan, Kunshan, occasionally too much to do, the company will give some other shoe factories in the production orders. A cargo is referred to as a product, true sense of a product is genuine before you got the store name. Super a cargo is made out of. 4, inventory: general store old returned to the company after new listing, company would give up some shoe tag cut out shoe

print “b” words, also called b, and a lower price. Although these shoes that have no tag, but should have the original box, and the quality is OK, but the company no longer provides “three guarantees” service. 5, original goods: this name is really classic, JS Online is deliberately confusing concept, when someone asked if a genuine, often shout what genuine ones or OEM a product, this is shit! A shoe factory could not produce qualified products, and certainly most of the shoe factories not only produces a brand of shoes, so genuine ones are not necessarily qualified, Shoemaker, even his fine imitation of fakes. 6, with a single cargo, cargo: in fact fakes. Like the converse company to a shoe factory orders 10,000 pairs, and then provide a model, drawings, raw materials. Manufacturers producing more than enough 1Wan Shuang may have a surplus of raw materials, they’ll take

Also provides conditions for the effective conservation and

of multiple parts, and motor function requires different, structures at the end of vary; soles with special functional requirements in addition to the above three things, there are features such as air bags, air, sweat guide device, abroad or for night sports shoes designed glow, audible devices, record sneaker motion design of microcomputer, sensors and so on. Parts professional sports shoes shoes shoes outside of the structure, such as ski boots, shoe in soft, comfortable, main  nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk role of heat retaining, breathable; outer shoe is hard, large, there are shock absorbing, waterproof, warm and stable and other protection. Sneakers to help design more casual than leather shoes, rubber shoes and so on, helping ministries in addition to upper, lining, baotou, with God, in eye, outer, after rolling there mouth, stiffening pieces, with the forehead, brow and other footwear does not have

parts. Sneakers for the ear-(tie), various tongues; plays an important role in sneaker laces, tongue andSpecial protection, pursuit of tongue and laces design diversity is unmatched by other footwear through tongue tied to the tightness of the bending foot to adjust the upper level, meet the needs of sports, foot swelling. Sneaker structure is nike mid blazer womens another characteristic of the upper and bottom part are numerous. One is to help surface of rich and varied Visual effects to meet sports viewing requirements; the second is through the side, several components are integrated to simplify access pointing problems; the third is through the end of multiple combinations of components to meet the requirements of different movement functions. Also provides conditions for the effective conservation and utilization of materials. In addition to the above, sports shoes, sneakers and bottom of

bottom structure structure has some special, more complicated than the shoes, cloth shoes. All in all, sneakers were functional requirements determine the structure and modelling, modelling and structure exists to meet the functional requirements. Many of my friends are very like CONVERSE shoes, but did not find their favorite local online things are vastly different, shopkeeper called authentic, genuine, a cargo, Super a, original goods, trade goods don’t know how to tell the difference. I did CONVERSE online sales for some time, and many contacts with all kinds of people, some understanding of the knowledge, now sort out relevant information, hoping to provide some references for everyone buying shoes on the Internet. 1, the official background: Po-yuan industry trading co Department of Baoji-Chengdu, Guangzhou International Group in China’s domestic market

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